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Buyers Agent - On Your Side

Buyer's Agent

Welcome to the world of Buyer Agency. You will now have the opportunity to purchase your home with the utmost confidence. You will experience an amazing difference in your home search and purchase. No pressure, no pushing and no steering, just intelligent advising and consulting, along with great negotiating skills. As a home buyer you will have a real estate broker representing YOUR interests and not those of the seller. Best of all, my Buyer's Broker service COSTS YOU NOTHING! When a seller contracts their home with a listing broker, he agrees to pay a commission to the listing broker. The listing broker then offers a share of his commission to other real estate brokers for producing a buyer. My commission comes from the listing agent even though I am representing you! The same scenario applies to new homes subdivisions. We all win! You have a new home at the lowest negotiated price. I receive a commission from the listing agent. The listing agent receives a commission from the seller and the seller sells their home.

Here are some of the services I provide:

  • Show you all of the housing possibilities including for sale by owner and new construction homes.
  • Advise you of all the pros and cons of every home we see, something realtors without a buyers agency agreement are not allowed to do.
  • Enter into a buyers agency agreement obligating me to represent your interests exclusively.
  • Give you my professional opinion of the value of every home that may be of interest to you.
  • Negotiate the best possible price for the home you choose.
  • Help you find the lowest mortgage loan rates.
  • Help you choose a reputable home inspector.
  • Be at your side to assist you with every detail through closing.
  • Assist you with any other matter concerning the purchase of your new home.

In summary, I will be your personal advisor, consultant, and negotiator. If another real estate agent should contact you, you can advise them that you have your own buyer's agent. Finally, my job is to protect your best interests and to make your purchase as easy and comfortable as possible.

Buyers Broker Frequently Asked Questions

I understand that I will be signing a contract that will tie me to one REALTOR®. What if I want to work with other agents?
The contract between you and your agent is for your protection, not the realtors. It allows you to have recourse against your realtor if the realtors performance is not in your best interest. However, buyers agency contracts are written for a specific period of time and are cancelable by the buyer at any time just by writing a note of cancellation and mailing it to the realtor. You are in complete control of your buyers agent in any real estate matter that interests you. In any case it is in your best interest to work with only one realtor at at time.

What does "Fiduciary Responsibility" mean?
It means that my loyalty is to you and everything I do for you must be done in a confidential and trustworthy manner, similar to the relationship you enjoy with your attorney or doctor.

If a REALTOR® works on commission, what is the REALTORS® incentive to save me money when negotiating on my behalf?
Simply "repeat business". If I do a great job for you, you'll tell your friends and family, the word gets around. There would be no growth in my real estate business if I did not have a good referral base. And remember that you may again require my services at sometime in the future. In addition it would be a violation of the buyer agency contract should I knowingly do an injustice to you. Remember a buyers broker must always think of his client before him/her self, even when it may not be in the realtors best interest.

Are you going to try to sell me a home?
Buyer brokers do not sell real estate. We simply deliver a service. It is my responsibility to deliver to you all the pertinent information on homes of your choice so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you wish to purchase a particular home.

Will I experience any pressure to purchase a home?
Buyer agents are professional consultants. We never pressure our clients to purchase a particular home. We do, however, offer suggestions as to whether or not you should consider a particular home and the reasons why.

How will your negotiating skills help me?
I do a market analysis on every home that interests you. This will help me to determine what you should be offering, and remember anything that I can find out about the sellers situation such as his need to sell, his financial situation and his personal problems all help me acquire the lowest price possible.

Will the agent who shows me homes represent me or the seller?
Unless you are working with a buyers agent, the answer may well be the seller. All agents in a traditional real estate transaction represent the seller. Traditionally, sellers are protected and buyers are on their own and that can cost you money!

Today, home buyers can choose a realtor who represents them, one who will protect their interests and bargain hard to save them money. As a buyer's agent, my fiduciary responsibility is to you, the home buyer, not the seller!